Funk and R&B Grooves 1

Funk & R&B Rhythm 1

This rhythm is based on classic rock and pop beats, with the bass drum evoking the typical funk feeling.

Funk & R&B Rhythm 2

Here, the hi-hat and snare drum play to the classic count times. The bass drum stands out by playing at all count times where the snare drum pauses.

Funk & R&B Rhythm 3

The bass drum is played on the first beat of the measure and during the unusual off-beat counts.

Funk & R&B Rhythm 4

This groove is characterized by a third hit on the snare drum within a measure, with the bass drum and snare drum alternating in the second half of the measure.

Funk & R&B Rhythm 5

The fifth groove emphasizes the snare drum and bass drum in the second half of the measure. Experiment with similar variations.

Funk & R&B Rhythm 6

Here, a beat is introduced on the snare drum between the eighth notes and between two hi-hat hits. Sixteenth notes are used.

Funk & R&B Rhythm 7

The seventh groove offers six irregular snare drum hits, with the hi-hat and bass drum being less challenging.


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