Funk and R&B Grooves 2

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Funk & R&B Rhythm 8

A demanding groove with two snare drum hits between the eighth hi-hat hits and an open hi-hat on the sixth of eight hits.

Funk & R&B Rhythm 9

Here, the bass drum takes the lead, using sixteenth notes, while the snare drum is kept simpler.

Funk & R&B Rhythm 10

A seemingly simple groove, but the bass drum rhythms are challenging.

Funk & R&B Rhythm 11

For the first time, the hi-hat is played in sixteenth notes, interrupted only by snare drum hits. Experiment with bass drum variations.

Funk & R&B Rhythm 12

Both the snare drum and bass drum are challenging here, even though they are rarely played.

Funk & R&B Rhythmus 13

A variation of known rhythms. Practice the bass drum and snare drum separately, each in combination with the hi-hat.

Funk & R&B Rhythm 14

Discover endless variations of bass and snare drum and combine known rhythms to create your own Funk & R&B grooves.

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