Rock and Pop Grooves 2

Discover more grooves that are perfect for rock and pop music. For these rhythms, all you need is a bass drum, snare drum, and hi-hat.

Rock and Pop Groove 7

A classic rock and pop groove with a twist: The second hit of the hi-hat is briefly opened. Experiment with different counts to open the hi-hat and give your groove a unique touch.

Rock and Pop Groove 8

This groove emphasizes the off-beat by regularly opening the hi-hat. Play with different bass drum variations to change the rhythm.

Rock and Pop Groove 9

The ninth groove is the opposite of the eighth. Here, the counts one to four are highlighted by the open hi-hat. Again, you can experiment with different bass drum variations.

Rock and Pop Groove 10

The tenth groove emphasizes the last hit of the hi-hat by opening it. Use this hi-hat opening, for example, every fourth time or as a transition between two parts of a song.

Rock and Pop Groove 11

The eleventh groove emphasizes two of the last three hi-hat hits by opening them. This striking beat is excellent as a transition between different parts of a song.

Rock and Pop Groove 12

The twelfth beat offers an interesting bass drum variation where the third hit is omitted.

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