Easy Rock and Pop Grooves

Here, I present a selection of simple grooves in the rock and pop genres. All you need are the bass drum, snare drum, and hi-hat. The bass drum hits on beats 1 and 3, the snare drum on beats 2 and 4, while the hi-hat can be played in either quarter or eighth notes.

In den folgenden 12 Grooves findest du verschiedene Variationen für die Bassdrum und das Hi-Hat. Zudem erzeugt das Öffnen und Schließen des Hi-Hats zusätzliche Effekte. Durch das geschickte Kombinieren von Ideen aus diesen 12 Grooves kannst du weitere ähnliche Grooves kreieren.

Rock- and Pop Groove 1

The first groove is a simple standard pattern. The hi-hat plays in quarter notes, the bass drum hits on beats 1 and 3, and the snare drum on beats 2 and 4.

It’s advisable to start practicing the drums separately at first, then gradually develop the ability to play synchronously with both hands and the right foot. We will continuously expand and vary this groove.

Rock and Pop Groove 2

The second groove is versatile and suits many rock and pop songs. In comparison to the previous groove, the bass drum and snare drum remain unchanged. However, now you’ll play the hi-hat in eighth notes. This gives the groove more drive and a rockier feel, even if you’re still in the early stages of your learning process.

Rock and Pop Groove 3

The third rock and pop groove is distinguished by an additional bass drum hit before the third beat. This groove is a characteristic element of many rock and pop songs.

Rock and Pop Groove 4

This rock groove is known as ‘Four-On-The-Floor’ because it’s played with the bass drum in four quarter notes. This creates a steady beat that is commonly used, especially in electronic music styles like Techno and House.

Rock and Pop Groove 5

In the next groove, the bass drum introduces a new variation. The rhythm of the snare drum and hi-hat remains unchanged.

Rock and Pop Groove 6

In this groove, the hi-hat and snare drum maintain a consistent rhythm. The variation lies in the bass drum, which resonates a solid 5 times per beat.

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